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We in the Girls’ Model are very proud of our extensive Transition programme which was built upon the good foundations of Transition already laid down in the school before FSES funding became available.  We aim to provide a co-ordinated, comprehensive and inclusive programme for all our feeder schools in the hope that when pupils move they will settle quickly into their new school.  After all, the sooner the children settle in the more they can achieve in school and we want all children to reach their full potential.

When Catriona Ruane announced the extension of the FSES programme on Tuesday, 15 March 2011 she commented on why the programme had been so successful:

“The work of the Extended School Cluster Coordinators and the Education and Transition workers in actively working together in addressing identified needs and supporting the most educationally marginalised through literacy, transition and counselling programmes has been key to the initial success.”
Catriona Ruane

“Beginnings are scary and endings are sad – it’s the bit in the middle we have to enjoy.”
Steven Rogers

Getting children past the ‘scary’ and through the ‘sad’, Transition aims to make the move to ‘Big School’ as enjoyable as possible.

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