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The student body is led by the Senior Student Leadership Team (SSLT), which is made up of 11 students in Year 14 who are elected as a result of a whole school vote and an interview.  After a nomination process the candidates are invited for an interview. The voting then takes place. All students and staff, both teaching and non-teaching have the opportunity to vote.

The SSLT meet once a week with our Leader of Learning for Post 16 Mr R Cranston to discuss relevant issues.

Holly Brookes – Head Girl

Megan Bunting – Deputy Head Girl (KS3)

Lucy Wallace – Deputy Head Girl (KS4)

Nadia McAuley – Deputy Head Girl (Post 16)

Olivia Armstrong – Senior Student

Rebekah Barrett – Senior Student

Faith Johnston – Senior Student

Nicole Johnston – Senior Student

Zoe Maxwell – Senior Student

Chloe Phillips – Senior Student

Brooke Stewart – Senior Student

Olivia Wickings – Senior Student

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