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Mrs L Watson (Leader of Learning)
Mrs E Thomas (Leader of Learning – Key Stage 3 Mathematics)
Mrs E Rodgers (Year 12 LOL)
Mrs S McKeown (Year 8 LOL)
Miss K Hughes
Mr J Mulgrew
Miss K Brown
Miss T McCracken
Ms A McCollam
Mr J Hutton

“Our world rests on Mathematical foundations, and Mathematics is unavoidably embedded in our global culture.” Ian Stewart

The world we live in is the way it is because of Mathematics. Whether we get our fun from our smartphone, an X-Box or tablet device, it is ultimately the Mathematics behind the micro-technology that we have to thank for our 21st century toys. Our aim in the Mathematics Department is to pass on to our students the power and beauty of Mathematics as it appears in their world. We aim to give much more than a functional ability to deal with numbers. Pupils learn to think critically and analytically in their problem solving and gain the ability to apply their Mathematical skills in unfamiliar contexts. Our hope is that pupils will find their Mathematics enjoyable as they progress through school at Key Stage 3 & 4.

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 8 & 9 follow the NI revised curriculum. Students are timetabled for 8 periods of Mathematics per week and throughout the year they work through a syllabus of Number, Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure as well as Data Handling. We use a range of teaching strategies to encourage learning and have introduced Numeracy Ninjas this year with our Year 8’s. The Mathematics department is also trialling the Accelerated Mathematics program with a small number of our Year 8 classes.

The Mathematics department are delighted that a group of Year 13 and 14 students have volunteered to become mentors for our KS3 pupils.  They will be present at Homework Club and any Mathematics clubs or events throughout the year.  These students a very motivated and easy to approach, so please ask them for any help you need!

Remember if you are struggling with Mathematics ask your teacher for help and use the school VLE to revise and support your learning.  Visit the KS3 area now by clicking here.

Key Stage 4 (GCSE)

Studens can progress through GCSE level at various levels. We study GCSE Mathematics with CCEA at both Foundation and Higher level depending on student ability. Students sitting Higher Tier papers can lead to grades up to A and A*, while at Foundation level papers students can attain a grade of a C* (it is also possible for some students to sit a combination of Higher/Foundation papers which gives access to a B grade). Some of our students will sit an entry level qualification instead of the GCSE depending on ability.

Students begin their programme of study towards GCSE in Year 10 which gives plenty of time for the teachers in the department to assess which pathway is best suited to each individual pupil so as to give each one the best opportunity possible.


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