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Mr N Adams (Leader of Learning)
Mr D Hance
Mr J Bennett (Technician)


The Technology and Design Department’s mission statement is committed to –

  • Developing activities which encourage pupils to use their imagination and be creative in their approach to tasks
  • Enabling pupils to build upon their own interests
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to experience a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment obtained by each child producing a successful and quality product
  • Using these opportunities to build knowledge of the principles and application of the laws of science

Key Stage 3

The department aim is to nurture creativity, innovation and enjoyment of the subject right from when the pupils arrive in year 8 and although the projects at Key Stage 3 are structured they have been devised in such a way where there is scope for the pupil to develop their creative flair.

As the pupil progresses through Key Stage 3 they are taught and given the opportunity to master a wide range of both designing and manufacturing skills. The department is at the cutting edge when it comes to designing and manufacturing and is fully equipped with state of the art industry standard CAD software and CNC machinery. Both teaching and technical staff in the department are highly skilled with a wealth of industrial experience.

Key Stage 4

CCEA Technology and Design
The written paper for CCEA Technology and Design is worth 40% and rather than one controlled assessment worth 60% it is divided again into 2 areas, The Design Assignment (worth 20%) and completed during the first year of the course, as well as the Design Project (worth 40%) which is a more involved part of the controlled assessment and is completed during the second year of the course.

At Key Stage 4 pupils’ who wish to develop and hone their skills in the technological area can opt for studying Technology and Design at GCSE.


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