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At Belfast Model School for Girls we openly embrace the cultural diversity of pupils attending our school. We welcome pupils with different nationalities and cultures; we aim to provide a friendly and supportive environment for all of our pupils. We have a designated Newcomer Coordinator who coordinates support for pupils with a home language different from English. We work closely with pupils and their families to help provide both pastoral and curriculum support for Newcomer pupils, including English Language support, interpreting and translation services. We work  with outside agencies including the Inclusion and Diversity Service who support us in developing our newcomer provision.

For more information about Newcomer Pupil Support at the Belfast Model School for Girls please contact Ms D Fryer (Newcomer Coordinator) on 02890 718111.

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Former Deputy Head Girl Kaja Olszewska (left)

‘Moving over to a new country, can be difficult. Learning a new language and having to use it every day in order to be able to communicate, read, complete classwork; it is all hard when it is all new to you. When I moved over from Poland to Northern Ireland things weren’t easy, I wasn’t the best at English, I would only know a few basics. It would take time and practice for me to slowly understand the language along with the grammar, past tense, present tense and of course the Belfast slang. I was lucky enough to be offered, at all times, great support and regular check-ups to see how I’ve progressed in the Belfast Model School for Girls. Without the support of the school I would have found it difficult to complete English classwork along with the other compulsory classes which require pupils to write and express themselves. I am now a Deputy Head Girl at the Belfast Model School or Girls and I would most certainly recommend our school for all newcomer pupils as they will be in good hands.’

Kaja Olszewska
Former Deputy Head Girl

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