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All policies are updated regularly by the Board of Governors.


Assessment and Reporting (download)
Curriculum (download)
Homework KS3 (download)
Homework KS4 (download)
Public Examinations (download)
Sixth Form Entry (download)
Special Needs (download)
Teaching and Learning (download)
Work Experience (download)


Anti-bullying (download)
Arrangements for Girls who are sick (download)
Attendance (download)
Behaviour (download)
Behaviour Management (download)
Bring Your Own Device (download)
Counselling Service (download)
Critical Incidents (download)
Drugs (download)
Drugs Policy Appendicies (download)
Educational Visits (download)
Exceptional Closures Policy (download)
FSES (download)
Health and Safety Procedures (download)
Mobile Phone Use (download)
Parental/Guardian Visits to school (download)
Pastoral Care Policy (download)
Relationships and Sexuality (download)
Rewards System (download)
Safeguarding and Child Protection (download)
School Rules (download)
Smoke Free (download)
Student Voice (download)
Uniform (download)
Use of Reasonable Force (download)


Pupil eSafety (download)
Acceptable Use of the VLE (download)

Other policies

Charges and Remissions (download)
Complaints Procedure (download)
Repititious or vexatious complaints (download)
GDPR Privacy statement (download)
Data Protection (download)
EA Schools Data Protection Policy
Freedom of Information (download)
Whistle Blowing (download)
Disposal of Records Schedule (download)
Child Protection Record Keeping (download)
Transfers to the school outside of the ‘normal’ Education Authority process and the operation of a school waiting list
Access NI and Visitors into School


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