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Mrs L Dalzell (Leader of Learning)
Mrs A Thomas
Mrs G Houston
Miss G Campbell
Ms A Hanna
Mrs A Wilson

The RE department aims to create a positive and caring working environment where the concepts of tolerance, acceptance and understanding are promoted.

As a core subject every child has the opportunity to study Religious Education. RE has an important part to play in providing all students with opportunities for the exploration of Christian spiritual experience and participation in the conscious and critical development of their own lives.  Students will also be introduced to other world religions.

RE is taught to all students in KS3 and KS4, with the option in KS4 to take GCSE/OCN RE. A-Level RE is also offered to students at KS5. CCEA examination courses are followed.

The Key Elements that Religious Education contributes to more fully are:

  • Spiritual Awareness;
  • Moral Character;
  • Cultural Understanding;
  • Ethical Awareness; and
  • Education for Sustainable Development.


The courses followed in Religious Education aims to address all students irrespective of their faith background by:

  • helping them to appreciate that life has religious, spiritual and moral dimensions
  • helping them to understand how believers see their faith as a perspective on the whole of life and thought
  • Allowing them opportunities for questioning and searching.
  • Challenging them to reflect on their own life stances as they identify their values and attitudes that influence them.
  • Encouraging them to respect the beliefs, values and attitudes of others.


Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Term 1 1.     Starter activities (Flipchart)

2.     God and the Bible – Booklet, Homework Booklet, Flipchart

3.     Jesus World – Booklet (Part 1) Homework Booklet

4.     Christmas Story – Flipchart

1.     Creation, Environment and Morality – Booklet, Homework Booklet, Flipchart 1.     Identity of Jesus (Miracles and Parables) – Booklet, Homework Booklet, Flipchart

2.     Contemporary Christians/Life choices

Term 2 1.     Jesus World – Booklet (Part 2), Homework Booklet, Flipchart

2.     Easter story – Pentecost – Booklet, Homework Booklet, Flipchart

1.     Covenant –

  • Abraham
  • Isaac/Jacob
  • Joseph
  • Moses
  • Ruth – Text – book, Homework Booklet flipchart

1.     Choices /GCSE Taster

2.     Lifestyle– Relationships, Gender, equality Flipchart

Term 3 1.     Followers of Jesus – Flipchart 1.     Christians Through The Ages – Booklet, Flipchart 1.     Islam – Booklet


GCSE – CCEA. Two modules are studied:

Module 6: Unit 6: An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Unit 7: An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion


CCEA A-Level Religious Studies:

Module 2: AS 2: An Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles/ A2 2: Themes in Selected Letters of St Paul

Module 4: AS 4: The Origins and Development of the Early Christian Church to AD 325/ A2 4: Themes in the Early Church and the Church Today

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