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Mrs L Hughes (Leader of Learning)
Mrs S Cameron
Miss L McIntyre

The members of staff in the Modern Foreign Language department at BMSG seek to ensure that each young woman fulfils her potential while developing language competence and intercultural understanding. As a department, we intend to widen the appeal of language learning within the school by giving our young people positive enrichment opportunities to prepare them to move flexibly between a range of cultural environments.

The MFL Department offers a range of learning opportunities for pupils at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and also at Post-16. Key Stage 3 students will have the opportunity to study either French or Spanish. Students will study a variety of topics to promote the importance of learning everyday vocabulary, while also developing competencies across the four skill areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

At Key Stage 4 students are offered the opportunity to study either GCSE French or Spanish depending on the language they have studied at Key Stage 3. Both courses follow CCEA Specifications and each of the four key skills is awarded 25% of the overall grade. The GCSE course covers 3 Contexts; encompassing topics such as Identity, Culture, Health and Lifestyle, Local Environment, Travel and Tourism, School and Future Plans.

At Post 16, students can choose to study CCEA AS and A2 French and Spanish. These qualifications are entirely exam based and, at AS Level, are designed to give pupils a wider knowledge of the language studied by looking at themes such as Relationships and Culture and Lifestyle. At A2 level, students will study a more advanced programme and focus on the topics of Young People in Society and Our place in a changing world.

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