Kickboxing Zoe stars on World Stage!

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Congratulations to Year 11 student Zoe Tarr on winning a silver medal at the WKU World Kickboxing Union World Championship in Killarney, Ireland at the end of August.  Zoe was competing in the ‘Kids (12-14) Full Contact – 50kg’ category and described feeling ‘nervous but excited’ at competing against the best in the world.

Zoe’s form tutor Miss Dickson spoke highly of her kickboxing success, “We are so unbelievably proud that Zoe has achieved such success and won a silver medal at the Kickboxing World Championships.  This is a huge success not only for her, but also the school and we are very proud of her.” 

At the age of 14, Zoe is already helping to teach the next generation of kickboxers as a teaching assistant at her local kickboxing club, Ballysillan Freestyle Kickboxing Academy.  Zoe’s achievements on the world stage are even more remarkable considering her local kickboxing club has only been open for the past year.

However Zoe, who gained her Purple belt two weeks before the competition in Co.Kerry, has been kickboxing since the age of 5 and is now targeting gold at next year’s World Championships in Greece.  Congratulations and good luck Zoe, the whole of the Belfast Model School for Girls is behind you!

Click here to view Ballysillan Freestyle Kickboxing Academy’s Facebook page.





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