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Mrs C Muirhead (Head of Department)
Mrs S McKeown
Mrs L Watson 
Mrs E Rodgers
Mrs L Jackson
Mrs K Brownlee
Miss K McDowell 

The importance of being able to use maths in our everyday lives is the core focus of the Maths Department.  All pupils throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 will be taught to develop their skills in using Number, Algebra, Shape, Size & Measure and Handling Data.

In Year 10, pupils progress to GCSE level where they will study the AQA GCSE Mathematics specification for Number and Handling Data, completing an external modular GCSE examination in the June of that year.  In Year 11 they will progress to the study of Number and Algebra, again sitting a modular external examination in June.  Finally, in Year 12 pupils will sit their last modular exam in Number, Algebra, Shape, Space & Measure.

At Key Stage 4, some pupils will be offered the opportunity to take GCSE Additional Maths (CCEA).

The Maths Department has developed a range of programmes for pupils at Key Stage 4 as well as traditional GCSE Maths.  The Department offers CCEA (GCSE equivalent) Essential Skills Level 2 to pupils who find coursework-based learning more suitable and a Maths for Life (CCEA) certificate course is offered to those working below GCSE level.

In Sixth Form, the Maths Department offers Edexcel AS and A2 programmes.  These are modular-based qualifications focusing on Pure Maths and Statistics in Year 13 and Pure Maths and Mechanics in Year 14.

Pupils can find many interactive activities and revision resources  by visiting the Maths course area of the Virtual Learning Environment

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