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A high standard of attendance and punctuality is expected of all students throughout the school year.  Good school attendance directly correlates with attainment – girls will achieve better when they are in class.  Furthermore, employers increasingly ask for information regarding attendance when seeking references.  The School encourages students and parents to ensure that attendance levels remain high.

Parents should note that:

  • If a student is absent please phone the school office to let us know
  • When the student returns, parents need to provide a note explaining the absence, for the Form Tutor
  • If a student is going to be absent due to a planned appointment, e.g. hospital appointment, parents must inform the Form Tutor in advance and present the appointment letter

Parents should also note that:

  • Attendance that falls below 85% is considered to be ‘poor attendance’
  • Absence of just 15 days in any one school year will bring attendance below 90%
  • The Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) will be notified of persistently poor attendance

Good attendance is rewarded in school through the Rewards System and Attendance Awards Ceremony. Exemplary, full attendance is also recognised by the Education Authority.

Following a visit from Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) our school was chosen to be included as an example of best practice in the ETI ‘If you don’t attend, you can’t attain’ Part One Attendance in Schools ETI Good Practice Report published in July 2016.  You can read the document by clicking here (references to the Belfast Model School for Girls are in red)


Form Tutors are responsible for monitoring punctuality. The school day begins at 8:45am and lateness is not accepted. Occasional lateness must be accompanied by a full explanation. From time-to-time, school buses may be late. Students will not be penalised if this is the case.  If students are persistently late, without good reason, they will be subject to appropriate sanction.

Click here to view our attendance policy.


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