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Senior Leadership Team

Ms P Stuart (Principal)
Mrs S Logan (Vice-Principal)

Ms P Boyd (Assistant Principal)
Mrs N Campbell (Assistant Principal)
Mrs J Clarke (Assistant Principal)
Mrs J Graham (Assistant Principal)
Mrs G Houston (Assistant Principal)
Senior Teachers

Mr N Adams
Mrs C Green
Mrs C Muirhead

Subject Departments


Head of English – Mrs C Green
Mrs A McKeown
Mrs C McNeill
Mrs N Corner
Mrs N Frazer
Miss L Hanna


Head of History – Mrs L Johnston
Mrs N Kelly
Mrs J Harris


Head of Geography – Mrs C Chisim

Business Studies

Head of Business Studies – Mrs P Cullen
Mrs L Wright
Mrs N Gault


Head of Mathematics – Mrs C Muirhead
Mrs L Watson
Mrs E Rodgers
Mrs K McDowell
Mrs L Edwards
Mr J O’Brien
Mr M Moran
Miss H McMullan


Head of ICT – Mrs C Barkley-Smith
Mr C Harbinson
Mrs N Clarke
Mr C Patterson
Miss L McElhone

Religious Studies

Head of Religious Studies – Mrs L Dalzell
Mrs A Thomas


Head of Science – Mrs J Taggart
Mr R Campbell
Mr A Cathcart
Mr P Mercer
Mrs L Murphy
Mr J Livingstone

Modern Languages

Head of Modern Languages – Mrs J Johnston
Mrs S Somers


Head of Technology – Mr N Adams
Mr D Hance

Home Economics

Head of Home Economics – Mrs S Jackson
Miss C Henning
Mr S Donnelly
Mrs L Booth

Art and Design

Head of Art and Design – Mrs S Wilson
Mrs D Polley
Mrs F Ward


Head of Music – Mrs R Ashe
Mrs A Graham
Mr N McKeown

Physical Education

Head of Physical Education – Miss J Clarke
Mrs R Sutherland
Miss R Dickson
Ms M Moran


Head of Sociology – Mrs M Fitzpatrick
Mrs T Warwick
Mrs F Leckey

Teacher in Charge

Careers – Mrs L Wright
Early Years – Mrs L Booth
Leisure/Travel & Tourism – Ms L Campbell
Drama – Ms N Simpson
Performing Arts – Mrs A Graham
Media Studies – Mrs K McClatchey

Responsibility for other Areas of Cross-Curricular Development

CEIAG – Mrs L Wright
Literacy – Mrs C Green
Numeracy – Mrs C Muirhead
PD Co-ordinator – Ms P Boyd
ICT Co-ordinator – Mrs L Watson (4 days pw)/Mrs P Boyd (1 day pw)
e-Learning Co-ordinator – Ms L Campbell
Assistant KS3 Curriculum Co-ordinator – Mrs A McKeown


Office Staff

Attendance – Mrs L Tumilson
Bursar – Miss C McLaren
Data Manager – Miss L McClelland
Main Office SAO – Ms E Lowry
Main Office EO – Miss A Lewis
Main Office SCO – Mrs C Dawson
Principal PA – Ms L Finlay
Student Hub – Miss L Finlay
Sixth Form Supervisor – Miss M Andrew


Art Technician – Mr A Gregory
Home Economics Technician – Mrs L McBride
ICT Manager – Mr F Clarke
Science Technician – Mr P Gormley
Technology Technician – Mr J Bennett
Webmaster – Mr G Fenton

Classroom Assistants

Miss A McBride
Miss L Bickerstaff
Miss L McCune
Miss L Calderwood
Mrs M Moreland
Mrs L Craig
Mrs I Murphy
Mrs E Dickerson
Mrs M Patterson
Miss L Hall
Mrs J Lyndsay
Mr C Dickerson
Mr S McDonald

Supervisory Assistants

Mrs A Bhurji
Mrs M McCullough (Senior)
Miss I Clarke
Mrs J McNeill
Mrs S Gorman (Senior)
Mrs R McReynolds
Mrs L McCormick
Miss R McReynolds

Examinations Officer – Miss L Davison

Education Welfare Officer – 
Janet Clarke

Facility Manager – Mr Russell Swail

The Facility Manager can be contacted during the day on 028 9071 5268

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