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Mrs A Graham (Leader of Learning & Year 12 LOL)
Mr N McKeown
Miss D Reynolds

Mrs A Graham
Mrs R Ashe
Miss D Reynolds

GCSE Performing Arts – AQA

This is a technical award, which means it is more practical based GCSE.  The students will study 3 units.  Unit 1 – Unlocking Creativity (internally assessed), Unit 2 – The Production/Performance (internally assessed) and Unit 3 – The Performing arts experience (externally assessed).

In Year 11 the students will study and partake in various Performing Arts workshops ranging from marketing to choreography to set design.  This is a period of time where the students enhance their Performing Arts skills.  They will then complete Unit 1 in Year 11, which ends with a Pitch Presentation and a 40-page portfolio.

In Year 12 they will start Unit 2 where they have to choose from 5 different briefs set by AQA and plan a production and showcase which will be performed and examined at the end of term 1 (Christmas).  Year 12 will then spend the rest of the time preparing for Unit 3, which is an examination in May.


Students will now specialize in their own discipline at GCE Performing Arts.  They will study style and genres along with different practitioners within their discipline.

AS Performing Arts is made up of two units – Unit 1 Developing Skills and Repertoire (Internally assessed) and Unit 2 Planning and Realising a Performing Arts Event (Externally assessed).  Students will spend Term 1 completing Unit 1 and ending the unit with a solo and group performance.  Students will then spend Term 2 preparing for their performance examination choosing from a title set by CCEA and completing 3 controlled assessments.

A2 Performing Arts is made up of two units – Unit 1 Planning for Employment (Internally assessed) and Unit 2 Performing to a Commission Brief (externally assessed.  Students will spend Term 1 completing a promotional reel and portfolio and preparing for two audition pieces and an interview.  Term 2 the students will prepare for their commission choosing from a title set by CCEA and completing a performance and controlled assessments.

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