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Mrs A Graham (Leader of Learning)

BTEC Performing Arts – Pearson Level 1/2

BTEC Performing Arts – Pearson Level 1/2 is a practical course for dancers where they can learn two new dance styles for Unit 4 Dance Skills, audition and application skills for Unit 1 Individual Showcase and how to prepare for a performance in Unit 2 Preparation Performance and Production.

GCSE Performing Arts – AQA

GCSE Performing Arts is an applied GCSE which means that you learn by actually doing the skills, rather than just reading about them.  There are two units called Skills Development and Showcase Performance.  All of year 11 and half of year 12 are spent doing the skills unit and this is completed by performing a series of briefs.  Each brief has a theme, a specific audience and certain requirements for success.  The class must work as a production company and develop ideas for performance, decide who is performing, who is doing the administration, the lighting, the sound, the costumes, the make up, the set etc and then actually do the performance.  Performance work is recorded on camera for evaluation and evidence purposes.  Notes of all meetings are kept and put together at the end in a portfolio for assessment.  In November the showcase title is released and the pupils begin working on the title sent to them.  This performance is examined by a visiting moderator between February and May.

GCE Performing Arts – CCEA

AS Performing Arts is made up of two units – Unit 1 Developing Skills and Repertoire and Unit 2 Planning and Realising a Performing Arts Event.

A2 Performing Arts is made up of two units – Unit 1 Planning for Employment and Unit 2 Performing to a Commission Brief


Results at both GCSE and A Level are always excellent, and almost 95 – 100% of pupils achieve grades A – C.

Example of Work

Below you can view our 2014 A-Level assessed performance:

Trip to the MAC 2014 (Click to enlarge images)

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