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Compulsory Items:
navy with school badge, to be worn every day. (nb the junior badge will be phased out over the next few years)
Skirt: navy, knee length, A-line; no short tight lycra skirts will be accepted.
Shirt: white
Pullover (Junior School Years 8-10): navy, v-neck with school colours
Pullover (Senior School Years 11 & 12): navy cardigan
Tights: navy or black cotton, opaque at least 40 denier
Tie: school colours, navy background with red and yellow stripes
Shoes: black flat shoes with black laces and only black stitching

  • No buckles
  • No white soles
  • No suede
  • No black canvas plimsolls
  • No trainers

For very specific reasons (e.g. medical, supported by evidence from a Health Professional) and only with the permission of the Principal (or V.P in his absence) students may be permitted to wear smart, business style trousers to school. Parents should make a written request to the Principal via the main office.

Optional Items:
Scarf: school colours
Simple plain hair band or bobble

Pupils may wear the following items of jewellery only:

  • One watch
  • One small ring
  • One pair small stud earrings in the lower ear lobe
    Students are NOT permitted to wear any other upper ear lobe or facial (including tongue) piercings and will be expected to remove them if they are worn in school. If a student refuses to remove a facial piercing, work will be provided and she will be sent home until such time as she removes the piercing.

School Bag:
An appropriate school bag must be carried daily. School bags must not display political emblems or football team colours/emblems.
Correct equipment for use in lessons should be in the school bag. As a minimum list, this includes a pen, pencil, ruler, some coloured pencils and a calculator.

Physical Education
Red School Polo shirt – with school crest
Red School Hooded sweatshirt – with school crest
Navy School Tracksuit bottoms – with school crest (must have zip at ankle)
Socks: White trainer/ankle socks
Trainers: Gutties/plimsolls are NOT permitted



Students are permitted to wear one charity pin badge or ribbon on the lapel of their blazer. (e.g. breast cancer awareness, British Legion Poppy Appeal). These badges or ribbons must not display political emblems or football team colours/emblems.

Students are only permitted to have natural hair colour. Bright or extreme coloured dyes are not acceptable.  Students may wear a simple plain band or a bobble to tie back their hair.


No make-up for Years 8-10
Make up in Years 11-14 should be kept to a minimum
No coloured nail varnish Years 8-14

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