Rewards System

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Our school believes in rewarding pupils’ positive and co-operative behaviour as well as academic and sporting performance and participation in school and community events.


The reward system for Years 8-12 aims to:

  • To enhance the motivation of students and raise achievement through rewards
  • To improve attendance
  • To improve discipline
  • To strengthen links with parents who will be able to reinforce the sense of achievement
  • To increase students’ self esteem
  • To increase students’ self discipline so that all experience an atmosphere of mutual respect

Throughout the year pupils who earn reward points will be awarded with certificates and prizes. The Form Tutor, Year Head and Vice Principal will monitor the system closely and all pupils are encouraged to achieve.

Behaviour for Learning

There are occasions when a pupil’s behaviour or attitude may challenge our agreed standards for good behaviour in school.  This includes:

  • Bullying other pupils
  • Fighting
  • Use of abusive language to any member of the school community
  • Smoking
  • Truancy
  • Lateness
  • Inappropriate behaviour in class
  • Unauthorised use of mobile phones
  • Disrupting the work of other pupils
  • Excess jewellery/inappropriate uniform

When sanctions are imposed they will reflect the seriousness of an individual’s offence.  They are applied as soon as possible after a school rule is broken and are applied in a fair and consistent manner.

School sanctions include:

Verbal warnings

These are given for low-level misbehaviour or ‘one off’ offences.

Deduction of merit points

Merit points may be deducted from pupils who breaking school rules.

Report Cards

These are issued for unacceptable behaviour, unsatisfactory attendance or punctuality.  Each pupil on Report Card is reviewed regularly.


Main school detention is on Thursday afternoon from 2.15 to 3.15pm.  Parents will receive 24 hours notice if pupils are to be detained after school.

Exclusion from class in Internal Exclusion

Internal Exclusion is designed to promote and sustain good behaviour in order to allow pupils to learn. It is used sparingly and is tightly organised and recorded in order to be of maximum effectiveness.

Confiscation of prohibited items

e.g. cigarettes, lighters and matches, sharp implements (knives etc). These are confiscated and not returned until a parent/guardian comes to school to retrieve these items.  Drugs are dealt with in accordance with school policy.


Suspension is used for more serious breaches of the behaviour management policy only, such as fighting, bullying, use of abusive language to staff, deliberate damage to school property and so on.  Suspension normally takes effect immediately.  Parents/guardians will be notified by telephone or in writing.  In addition, details of the suspension will be sent to the Education Authority.

In very serious cases of breaches of school discipline a pupil may be required to attend the Board of Governors, Disciplinary Panel, accompanied by parents or guardians.


Education Authority guidelines are followed to exclude any pupil from school.

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