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Mr P Murray (Leader of Learning)

The OCN NI Personal Success and Well-Being qualification is a 2-year coursework-based qualification made up of 9 different units. The qualification supports a balanced curriculum by assisting students with effective development in personal, social, health and well-being. Students build on the broad objectives of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, aiming on empowering young people to achieve their potential and help them deal more effectively with personal and social issues that may affect their physical and mental health.
Students will study the following units:

1. Motivation Level 2 1 credit
2. Confidence and self-esteem Level 1 1 credit
3. Well-Being activity Level 2 1 credit
4. Teamwork Level 1 2 credits
5. Peer leadership Level 1 2 credits
6. Equality and diversity Level 2 1 credit
7. Sex and relationships Level 2 2 credits
8. Healthy Lifestyles Level 2 2 credits
9. Stress management Level 2 1 credit

For full qualification students need a total of 13 credits, 8 of which must be at level 2. This combination of units enables learners to achieve this.

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