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Mrs R Ashe (Leader of Learning)
Mrs A Graham (Year 12 LOL)
Mr N McKeown


All pupils in Years 8 – 10 study a general music course based upon listening, composing and performing.


The pupils’ listening skills are developed through the study of a variety of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century periods of History. Also, pupils study the development of Pop Music from 1950’s to the present day.

The scheme of work also covers reading and writing music notation, the elements of music and the study of instruments from the Symphony Orchestra in instruments in Pop Music.


Pupils compose during all three years in the Music/ICT Suite. The Music/ICT Suite has 20 IMAC Computers with music keyboards attached. Every computer is installed with Logic Pro 9 and Sibelius 6.

Music Technology is delivered using Logic Pro 8 software. Pupils learn to compose, sequence, record, mix down and bounce to a CD. They also learn how to film sequence.


In class, pupils learn to play the recorder and the keyboard. There is also an emphasis on classroom singing.


Pupils are offered GSCE Music (Edexcel 9-1) in Years 11 – 12.


Pupils study Set Works in great detail from a very wide range of genres. At the end of the course, pupils take an exam to test their knowledge of the Set Works.


Pupils may choose to compose using acoustic instruments or software instruments. They will use Logic Pro 9 and Sibelius 6 software programs.


This course allows pupils to perform a solo and be part of an ensemble on an instrument as a Musician.

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