The Home Straight!

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On Monday 9th April we launched ‘The Home Straight’ campaign for our Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students.  During the next 6 weeks, from Monday 9th April to Monday 14th May 2018, our Year 11-14 students will be preparing for their Summer examinations and we want students to focus on raising their standards of achievement as we head towards ‘The Home Straight’.

Click here to view our full KS4/KS5 Summer Examinations timetable.

Examples of how students can raise their standards of achievement:

  • Achieve full attendance
  • Upgrade coursework in…by doing?
  • Revise the topic ‘Cold War’ in History – break it down into individual countries
  • Practise timed questions on Section 2 in English
  • Learn definitions and acronyms in ICT (make flashcards)
  • Make mind maps for two Sociology topics
  • Practise 6 and 8 mark questions in PE

Our GMS Nightclub is currently open to all Year 12 students on Mondays and Wednesdays in the LRI Centre.  This provides an opportunity for Year 12 students to ‘Study for Success’ in a quiet supervised space in the lead up to their examinations.  Click here to view more information.

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