Year 8 Geography Field Trip

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The Year 8s, on their annual Geography trip, were welcomed to the Ulster Museum and the newly refurbished Tropical Ravine for a fun day focusing on our key topic this year, “Rainforests”.  There was a wide range of activities throughout the day and at different times there were opportunities to learn about rainforest flora in the Tropical Ravine, as well as to touch and examine rainforest animals and products from the rainforest that we use every day. Our favourite was of course the chocolate. We then had time to explore the museum itself, including spending some time with our “mummy”. Some girls got to experience the Palm House, the Rose Garden and the play Park, while a lucky few got to see a heron fishing on the banks of the River Lagan.

It was a busy, fun and educational day and every girl was a credit to themselves, their families and the School with many members of the public commenting on their helpfulness, politeness and generally excellent behaviour. A truly Model day out.

Mrs Chisim

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