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World Book Day 2019 was celebrated in style in Belfast Model School for Girls.  Some staff stayed at home for the day while Christopher Robin, Cruella De Ville, Harry Potter, The Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz), Maleficent and Grandpa (Grandpa’s Great Escape), Cat in the Hat, Sybill Trebawny, Little Red Riding Hood, Miss Honey, The Three Little Pigs, Jo (Little Women), The Clockwork Doll, Gangsta Granny and an Oompa Loompa took over the school.  They taught lessons to a range of characters from Literature such Fern from Charlotte’s Web, a dalmation (101 Dalmations), Harry Potter and a slytherin (Harry Potter) and Where’s Wally. It was certainly a weird and wonderful day! Thank you to Mrs Caroline McNeill, the English department and all the staff who took part.

 There was a prize for the ‘best dressed’ in each Form Class: 

8NA – Meadow Pollock

8LJ – Kenadine Butler

8LH – Grace Moore

8CK – Alisha Thompson

8DH – Kelice Whiteside

8SJ – Sonia Zerai

8NK – Eve Frazer

8FR – Georgia Oliver



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