Digital Technology Key Stage 3 stars!

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Well done to our Digital Technology Key Stage 3 stars!  Each member of staff within the Digital Technologies department has nominated one student from all of their ICT lessons.  Students are to be praised for doing so well in ICT in the first term.

Serena Boone 8D – Outstanding effort into each class and in the file management assessment!  Miss Hughes
Paeden Campbell 9RBS – Great work ethic and work is always produced to the best of her ability Mr Harbinson
Abbi McNeill 10LBN – Pro-active pupil, positive attitude and always helping others.  Mrs Brown
Eva Sheridan 8DH – Works very hard, always trying to improve her work, Mr Patterson
Amy Patrick 10KN- Outstanding effort at all times. Mr Mulgrew
Cameron McMillan  8SJ- For giving 100% in all digital technology lessons. Mrs N Clarke
Alex Linton 10RCH -Is always prepared and ready to learn, gives 100% effort in all activities and has made a really positive start to year 10 IT. Miss McCracken

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