Digital Technology Key Stage 3 stars!

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Well done to our Digital Technology Key Stage 3 stars!  Each member of staff within the Digital Technologies department has nominated one student from all of their Digital Technology lessons.  Students are to be praised for doing for their efforts and attainment in the November exams in the second half term.

Mr Patterson – Rebecca Crozier 9A – superb exam result – highest in the class
Miss McCracken – Asha McGuinness 10O – completed a great exam – first in class. Always shows great interest in learning new things and is always eager to try her best.
Mrs Clarke – Darcy Mount 10A – excellent exam result – highest in the class.  Amazing achievement!
Mrs Brown – Georgia Ferguson 10E – For creating excellent revision notes and excelling in her exam.
Mr Harbinson – Darcie Neely 8A – Great improvement and attitude since September. Darcie also achieved a good exam result.
Miss Hughes – Ashleah Cowan 8D because she has put a lot of effort into each lesson lately, she is so helpful and she achieved an excellent mark in her exam.
Mr Mulgrew – Lois Tufts 10D for her outstanding improvement of attitude and attendance which has a positive impact on her progress throughout this term.

Well done and Merry Christmas ladies.

 Mrs Clarke

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