To our students…

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Dear all

I hope you are well and keeping safe. We wanted to send all of you a message, students and staff, to help you understand how we are thinking and feeling at this time. A school without people is just a building and we are so much more than that – we are building a different type of school – just for now – a school where we work and learn at and from home.  Recently, because of the spread of coronavirus, things have changed and we have a ‘new normal’ – the how and what we do is different but the why remains the same. Ask yourself ‘Why am I learning?’ The answers are still the same – I want to grow and improve my knowledge and understanding of the world around me; learning is fun and exciting; I am developing my skills; learning will help me gain qualifications; learning will help me follow my dreams and access a career of my choosing; learning is good for my mental health and wellbeing as it really makes me think about things.  How and what we are learning may be a little different at the moment – but the WHY? has not changed.

We are very clear about why we do, what we do, in BMSG  – it is always about achievement for all, always about building belief. We do, what we do, for you! The culture, character and care within BMSG has not changed. We are here for you and for each other. Please keep in contact with us and with each other – via FB, email or telephone.  How we respond to these uncertain times will help to shape us. What we focus on now will have a bearing on our future. Our attitude to self and to others is more important now than ever before. My advice to you – reach out to others; offer support; remain sensitive and be kind; be grateful; keep going – one day at a time; hold on to your dreams; stay hopeful.

We will get through this together – as a school community. Keep learning. Keep teaching. Stay safe. Take care and remember – keep washing your hands and keep your social distance.

We do miss you. God bless

Ms P Stuart,

School Links