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On Friday 12th February all of Year 9 were invited for a social gathering with their form tutors and year leads. The plan was to have some downtime prior to the half-term break and for us to share a few laughs and good times with each other by playing a few games of Bingo and having a Karaoke singalong.  Subsequently, our first Sing and Win or SINGO session went down a treat with all the joiners.  There may not have been as many participants as we had hoped, but as we had such a great time, we expect even more for our next session!  How do we know it was fun?  Well, the smiles say a lot – and the fact that the singing sounded like a wild party should be testament to the good time had by all.  Sweet Caroline was particularly well chanted by staff and students alike.   Thanks to all the Year 9 staff team for their support and all the fabulous Year 9 students who signed in to have a bit of Model Craic.  Congratulations to Anna Adams from 9M who won BOTH games of Bingo.  In Bingo Lingo, she would be a 22 – two lucky ducks!

Mrs Chisim

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