Year 12 Home Straight Programme

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This week we launched our Home Straight programme with Year 12.  During this period we will be providing supported study time within school, launching GMS Nightclub and preparing Key Stage 4 Students to Be Exam Ready with our ‘Revisit to Revise’ programme. This initiative is running across both Year 11 and Year 12, with students working with Form Tutors during Form Period to develop revision skills and strategies which encourage them to think about and process the knowledge, skills and techniques required for examinations so that they are committed to long term memory.  These same skills and strategies will be honed through the use of subject specific examples and guidance, further enabling our students to revise effectively and independently.  With just 4 weeks until the External  Examination period begins, students are encouraged to plan how they will utilise their study time in order to achieve the best possible results.

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