Transition in the Primaries

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Subject teachers from the Model go into 17 of our feeder primary schools and deliver a wide range of lessons, from Literacy and Numeracy to Dance and First Aid.  The pupils even come up to use the Model’s facilities for Science, Home Economics, PE and ICT.  The teachers who deliver the subjects to the primary schools thoroughly enjoy these lessons and always ask if they can continue teaching in the primaries the following year.

Miss Fryer and Mrs McKeown are the full-time Transition teachers and work in all of the schools, aiming to make the transfer from primary to post-primary education as positive an experience as possible.  They try their best to quell fears and answer questions about the move for all primary pupils in their lessons, as we are aware that everyone is concerned about moving schools, not just future Model girls.  Once the children realise that everyone worries about moving schools, they are very open about their concerns and often lively discussions ensue with the pupils at the end of the lesson saying they feel much better about the move. One of the primary pupils commented, “The thing I enjoyed most is the fact that I feel a bit more self-confident,” and “I’m not afraid to move to BIG School anymore”.

At present we work with the following primaries:

  • Ballysillan
  • Black Mountain
  • Carrs Glen
  •  Cavehill
  • Cliftonville
  • Currie
  • Edenbrooke
  • Forth River
  • Glenwood
  • Harmony
  • Ligoniel
  • Lowwood
  •  Malvern
  • Seaview
  • Springfield
  • Springhill
  • Wheatfield

We hope that the daunting transition from primary to post-primary will be made a little easier as the children get to know some secondary teachers and find out that they are not as scary as they seem!  So if your child comes home from primary school and talks about some nice teacher from the ‘Big School’ taking his or her class that day – you’ll know who it is.

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