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Mrs K McClatchey (Leader of Learning)

CCEA Occupational Studies in Media is offered at Key Stage 4. The qualification is set in a vocational context for those wishing to pursue further study or a career in the field of Media. The Department can boast a fully equipped Media Suite with iMacs, media editing facilities and a recording studio.

In Year 11, pupils begin their Occupational Studies Technology and Innovation programme by learning about the language and concepts used in the Television and Film Industries. Pupils then undertake practical filming activities to produce their own Thriller Film, which they edit independently and showcase to their peers. It is all portfolio based with assessments running throughout the year; there is no final exam.

In Year 12, pupils undertake a unit in Digital Imaging, beginning with workshops on Photography and Photoshop, before completing practical work on a print production, such as, a magazine spread or advertising campaign.

CCEA GCSE Moving Image Arts is also offered at Key Stage 4. This has the potential to lead into the A Level Moving Image Arts course, also offered in school. MIA pupils will learn the language and concepts of film whilst studying three set texts: Baz Luhrman’s Romeo & Juliet, Jaws, and Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death. There will be an examination of 1 hr 30 minutes on these texts, worth 40%. Pupils will complete four controlled assessment tasks, worth 20%: storyboarding; camera and editing; sound; and animation, before planning and making their own moving image product, worth 40% of the final mark.

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