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For the fourth year running, the school has been awarded extra funding from the BELB for the promotion of the STEM subjects within the school. The topic for this year’s project was ‘Flight’ and was run over a period of four weeks by the Science and Technology departments. After learning the basics behind the forces of flight, the girls took part in an in-house competition to see which group could build the best glider based upon the criteria of distance flown and accuracy. The pupils learned more about what wing shapes give the best lift by building a model wind tunnel in Technology and testing out various designs.

The highlight of the project was a trip to The Ulster Aviation Society in Lisburn where the pupils got to see and learn about a selection of iconic aircraft from down the ages and better still, they got to sit in the aircraft!

Prizes of a radio controlled helicopter were awarded to Laura Murphy and Aimee Carrigan for their excellent portfolio work.


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