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Assemblies take place each week on a Monday morning.

These Assemblies are an opportunity for the members of the School to meet regularly together and students are encouraged to participate in a meaningful way, taking on board the moral value or Christian truth to be learned.  The programme reflects the Christian calendar as well as the Pastoral themes taught by Form Tutors.  Other relevant topics and events are also addressed during assembly time.

Year Assembly

  • Year Assemblies usually take place on a monthly basis.  The purpose of the Year Assembly is to give the opportunity to:
  • Strengthen the “Year Identity”
  • Encourage student development in active participation
  • Try out new ideas in front of a small group
  • Draw attention to matters regarding the year group
  • Use in preparation for year activities i.e. outings or parents’ consultations
  • Introduce outside speakers to the year group
  • Give students a chance to demonstrate talents which they may have
  • Give credit to achievers in all fields
  • Reinforce ideas from the main Assemblies
  • Celebrate achievements in the year group

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