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Every girl in this school is entitled to learn in a safe and caring environment.  In order to provide this we all need to show mutual respect.

Each pupil must take responsibility for her own behaviour and adhere to the rules which are required to run the school efficiently so that all reach their potential.

  1. The day begins at 8.50am.  Everyone needs to be in school by this time.  Pupils arriving too late for registration must sign the late book.
  2. Attendance is important for achievement and pupils should be present every day except when ill or due to other unavoidable circumstances. Medical/dental or other appointments must be made outside the school day.  Holidays during term time are not permitted.
  3. Planners must be brought every day and homework must be completed and submitted on time.
  4. NO pupil may leave the school grounds during the school day without permission from the appropriate Year Head or Vice Principal.
  5. Pupils must wear the correct uniform.  Summer shirts to be worn in May and June only, a shirt and school tie must be worn from September until the end of April.  Hair must be neat and NO BRIGHT OR MULTI COLOURED HAIR AND NO EXTREME STYLE IS ACCEPTABLE.  THIS INCLUDES DIP-DYES.  In the interests of safety, only minimum jewellery should be worn i.e. one small ring, one pair of stud earrings worn in the lower lobe and one watch.  No diamante earrings are to be worn with the school uniform.  In the interests of health and safety, no other facial/ear piercings are permitted.
  6. Due to health and safety nail extensions should not be worn.
  7. No obvious makeup is to be worn in school or on school trips and brightly coloured nails are not permitted.  Clear nail polish is acceptable.
  8. Mobile phones must be switched off and iPods/MP3 players are not to be played during class or in the corridors.  Pupils must take full responsibility for these items.
  9. Smoking is not permitted in school or in school uniform and pupils must not bring cigarettes, matches or a lighter into school.

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