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I place great importance on uniform. I include piercings as part of uniform and in our school policy we state that facial piercings of any sort (except one pair of small stud earrings in the lower ear lobe) are not allowed. I will not accept the covering of piercings with a plaster; students will be expected to remove the piercing, irrespective of how recently the piercing was done.

The vast majority of students in the school present themselves very well and uniform is generally excellent but as the new school year approaches and thoughts turn to the purchase of uniform, I know that young people can often make demands relating to uniform that are not necessarily in line with what schools expect!

Our uniform is detailed on our website however, to clarify, I do require pupils to wear a navy knee-length, A-line skirt (no short tight lycra skirts will be accepted) and they must have a school blazer.  Flat black shoes with only black laces and black stitching.

  • No buckles
  • No white soles
  • No suede
  • No black canvas plimsolls
  • No trainers

If students are in school and are not wearing the required uniform they will be asked to change into shoes and items of uniform that we have bought and have in storage at the school. Should a student refuse to do this she will be expected to do her school work in isolation and may face suspension from the school.  Naturally Heads of Year will involve parents at this stage so we can find a workable solution as I do appreciate that it is not often possible to go out and replace uniform straight away, however the bottom line on this is that uniform expectations are clear and I expect students to be in the correct uniform when we return in August and throughout the school year.

There is some confusion about our school badge. Prior to my arrival, the school was in the process of transition from two badges (junior and senior) to the one badge. The badge to which the whole school is moving is the senior badge, which is the badge shown at the top of our website. I do not expect parents of this coming September’s Year 9 and 10 to buy a new blazer specifically to replace the badge but, as students in these years grow out of their old blazer and it needs replaced, we do ask that a blazer with the school badge shown on our website is purchased. As Year 11 are moving into the senior school, they would have been changing badges at this time.

Mr E Wright

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