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  • I offer school based counselling, I am employed and managed directly by the school. I work as part of the pastoral care team.
  • I work to BACP code of ethics and have regular supervision of my work.
  • Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their appointments and where possible arrange these directly with the counsellor. Appointment slips in envelopes may be passed on discretely by the form teacher. Appointments are rotated through the appointment schedule to ensure as much as possible that the pupil does not miss the same class repeatedly.
  • Referrals to the counselling service come from many people, teachers, parents, outside agencies, peers and pupils who self-refer. Pupils have the right to refuse or discontinue counselling at any time and it is the counsellor’s responsibility to ensure that their rights of autonomy are respected.
  • Common reasons for referrals are anxiety, stress, family breakdown, bereavement, loss, abuse, peer relationship difficulties and bullying.
  • I work within the limits my own competence and am aware of relevant local and national support agencies. I may make onward referrals where appropriate. Criteria for this may be;
    1. A lack of response to the present help being offered
    2. The need for more appropriate help
    3. Help needed beyond the expertise of the helper
    4. The clients own request for referral
  • The counsellor completes an ongoing audit of the service, taking care to keep the data anonymous. This information may be used to develop the counselling service, highlight areas of concern and assess pupil satisfaction with the service.

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