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The student body is led by the Student Voice Leadership Team (SVLT), which is made up of 9 students in Year 14 who are elected as a result of a whole school vote and an interview.  After a nomination process the candidates are invited for an interview, in which they give a short presentation to a panel and answer a series of questions. The voting then takes place. All students and staff, both teaching and non-teaching have the opportunity to vote.

The SVLT meet once a week with our Vice Principal Mrs Logan to discuss issues arising from the Student Voice forum on the VLE and to update the team on research projects.  The SVLT team lead both the Junior and Senior Student Council meetings. These meetings are made up of representatives from every class with a total of 80 students on each council. During these meetings the team divide into small groups with each group being chaired by an SVLT member. In order to develop leadership skills each member is encouraged to play an active role in their group such as scribe, spokesperson, etc.


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